Cercle d’escrime de Limoges

Cercle d’escrime de Limoges (CEL – Circle of Fencing of Limoges) is a French not-for-profit Association (according to the France Law of 1901) created in 1922 in Limoges. The club occupies since 1993 the facility “Robert Leconte”, a sport centre of with equipped fencing pistes for national and International tournaments.
The French fencing club realises a serious of activities: fencing courses to children from 4 years old, activities with the schools with the aim of promoting the fencing and its values among children and teen-agers from 4 to 16 years old, weekly classes for rehabilitation after health diseases as the cancer, sport for people with disabilities, fencing shows.
Besides, at regional level, the club provides the organization of federal internships and training courses.
This drill hall of 16 equipped pistes, associated with various fitness gyms, allows organizing national and international events.
The members of the Association participate from the age of 7 to regional tournaments and from 13 years old they can have access to national competitions. Currently, there are national ranked athletes in all categories and international athlete in foil. The 170 members are supported by two coaches and four educators and about fifty volunteers.
CEL has an huge partnership at local, regional and national level. In cooperation with the Municipality of Limoges are organized several activities and sport events. Besides, it is member of the regional New
Aquitaine fencing league, of the French Fencing Federation and of the French Federation of Adapted Sport and of the French Handisport Federation. These affiliations allows the CEL to involve a broader and different target in their activities and events and to its staff to participate in training sessions. To organize the activities in the schools, CEL is affiliated with USEP (Union sportive de l’enseignement du premier degré) which brings together sports associations in schools. Finally, the French club is partner of RIPOSTE and Ligue contre le cancer, National Associations working on the rehabilitation of women with breast cancer.
In the project F.I.R.S.T Foil, CEL as leader of WP3 coordinates the dissemination activities.

Link al sito web https://www.escrime-limoges.com