28-29 April 2019 * First transnational exchange of best practices

The 1st transnational exchange of best practices was held in the premises of CEL, in Limoges.

To the French project team joined Jeroen Divendal and the sports psychologist Alexander Moraru from Nederland, Julie Groslambert and Alberto Dei Rossi from Italy. A.S. Comini President Antonio De Danieli took part to the meeting, too.

The meeting was useful to analyse the first results of the questionnaires filled in by young athletes of the three fencing clubs aimed at acquiring information mainly on motivation of pratictioners and reasons of drop-out in order to organize more attractive fencing class and to improve teaching methods linked to soft skills.

Besides, during the event there was a concrete comparison on teaching methodology. Specifically, Dutch coaches coordinated the sessions dedicated to the learning style in fencing and on creativity.

To the meeting participated also a little group of athletes of the three sport clubs that during parallel sessions had a first approach with a different technical methodology.