A.S. Comini 1885 Padova Scherma

A.S. Comini 1885 Padova Scherma is an Italian not-for profit founded 130 years ago in Padua (northern Italy) with the aim of promoting fencing as well as values and principles connected with this sport.
The work of the founder Mr Giuseppe Comini has been continued by his son, Guido who obtained excellent results thanks to the great number of medals of its athletes at the World Championships and to Olimpic Games. Many successes have also characterized the following years, thanks to the
involvement of talented coaches. In 2016 has been opened the new facility, designed by an important Italian architect and characterized by modern technologies. Currently, in its 12 pistes, featuring the latest equipment, are trained in the three disciplines (foil, épée and sabre) about 150 fencers; several athletes are participating to National, European and World Championships with excellent results. The Association offers to its female and male members the following main classes: beginners, under 14, cadets, young, master. During the years the talented Italian coaches hosted in the Comini facility fencers for international exchange coming from all over the world (Japan, Croatia, the Netherlands fencing team, etc), and organized fencing camps that have seen the participation of athletes from all over Europe (Netherlands, Belgium Ireland, Slovakia, France, Germany).
In addition, Comini 1885 Padova scherma organizes, in collaboration with local public authorities, schools and the local section of Italian Federation of Fencing (FIS), events of promotion of fencing, meetings with outstanding personality (as for example Mr. Andrea De Vincenzi, paraolimpic athlete
and professional mental coach). Comini’s team considers the fencing as an exercise of inner discipline and respect of oneself and of the other, where the opponent is a stimulus for improvement, for the achievement of competitive results in compliance with the rules and respecting the principle of correctness.
Although aware that ambitious sport successes are the goal of any sport club, the Association considers as a priority the transfer and practice of values and ethic principles that underpin fencing. The coaches of Comini are aware that, before teaching technical abilities, they are educators who have the delicate task of supporting children and teenagers in their personal growth.
Comini, as coordinator of the project F.I.R.S.T. Foil, is in charge of management and monitoring and evaluation of the project results.

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